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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 5- Your Parents

This prompt was very unspecific. The words “your parents” can mean a variety of things. Your parents’ history, your parents’ personalities, and, even, which parent do you like the best?

The prompt is subjective (a call-back to “happiness is subjective”).

I suppose I shall do my best to encompass much of the general categories regarding “my parents”.

Both of my parents were born in China.

My mother immigrated to the United States from Guangdong. I am not very sure at what age, but I do know that she attended college immediately after, while managing a job on the side to keep her family afloat. She has a younger brother. She is small and petite. My sister and I are taller than her.

One of the few things that never ceases to amaze me is that she can speak five languages, and skipped high school before attending college.

My father’s past is more blurry. I do know that he was born in Beijing, was the “president” of his class in junior high, and did not have to take the SAT. I also know that he lived with his grandmother most of the time who spoiled him rotten, and that he has three brothers. I believe he is the middle child. He is also around 6 foot.

They met because he asked her for directions. At least, that was what he told me some time ago with a twinkle in his eyes, so I am not too sure if that is true.

I can say that I like my mother the best.

She is kinder, more accepting and believing, and works hard for all of us. Her food is amazing, and she expects us to excel at school. She stays at home, but she wishes that she could go back to work. She has a temper, as well, but she does a good job restraining it, although, at times, it does escape.

My father is stricter and more ambitious. He is a computer engineer. He expects my sister and I to excel in everything we do – school, soccer, and swimming for my sister. If we don’t excel, we are subjected to a stern and angry lecture from him. If anything is out of order or if we make a mistake such as dropping a bowl at home, his face colors red, and the words out of his mouth are buzzing with anger.

But, I suppose, we are all humans. We all have our flaws.

My parents’ hair is turning gray. It’s funny to compare before and after pictures with them; before the forties, after the forties.

I am grateful to have such parents as them who encourage us to work harder and do the best we can in everything we do.

Even if they do have flaws.

Lots of love,



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