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A Day in the Life of a High Schooler in Quarantine

It’s boring.

Everything’s boring right now.

Happiness is subjective. Others may be happy in quarantine, but I’m aching to go out. (But the staying at home part instead of going to school is great! So is the “happiness is subjective” part.)

I will be giving you a day in the life of a high schooler in quarantine with all of the attitude of a high schooler in quarantine.

The day I am writing about was yesterday. Because I can’t tell the future of today.

At five thirty-five am in the morning, I woke up. Explain to me why I woke up so early because I honestly don’t understand. (I woke up at 6 today so I guess that was better.)

I padded out quietly, turned on my computer, and did some SAT practice, watched a Kelly Yang video to earn some hours for the library where I volunteer out, and stayed there until 7. Because working towards your future is more important that getting sleep (it’s not!).

By then, everyone was up. At 7:09 (don’t ask me why 7:09), after reading the introduction of a book on Sora (the perks of having a reading app on your phone), I changed into my regular t-shirt and shorts, brushed my teeth, washed my face, yawned a little more, slapped myself on the cheek to wake myself up from a reverie that simply did not exist, and went back out to the living room.

At 7:25, my parents left to go take their routine morning walk (which my sister and I are forced to participate on the weekends (I absolutely despise them)), and my sister and I ate a grand breakfast of spam, egg, cheese, and bread. (It usually isn’t that grand; it’s what we ate yesterday; usually, I eat bread with whip-cream (don’t judge), and cereal, like today!).

At eight, I’m up and running. My computer is up and running as well. But because I had been watching a quick YouTube video (I know, unhealthy, but it’s not a true school day :)), I started typing on my blog at around 8:30 am, or perhaps a little later.

That entire morning, my sister was taking her iReady test for seventh grade (ha! didn’t need to do that), and I spent a good chunk of it reading and writing some other pieces of homework. At around 11:42 (again, a weird time, but very true), my sister and I went to our backyard to practice soccer. It’s small, but it’s enough space.

At that time, it was 92 degrees in the sun, and after only a few juggles, I was sweating. Why does the sun have to be always out in California? I get that we want to be tanned, but we don’t want to be burned. 😦

At around 12:26, we went inside to eat lunch. It was a scrumptious meal of zhajiangmian (or, according to the English translation, noodles with soy-bean paste), which my sister absolutely loves. I like it as well, but not as well as dumplings (jiaozi). Besides, the English translation of zhajiangmian sounds… well… not delicious.

At 1:25, I was in the middle of my book (rereading Sherlock Holmes because who doesn’t like a mystery?), and watched a little of Chicago P.D. because I love Upton and Halstead. And the other characters, but not as much as them.

At around three, my mom went to the backyard to walk in circles (rather, rectangles is more accurate). My sister and I stayed in yesterday because it was toooooooo hot. I still had to finish a bit more English homework, and the rest of the time was spent fawning over koalas and pandas over the live cam at the San Diego zoo, and reading Sherlock Holmes (The Speckled Band!!!!).

I showered at five thirty, and at six was dinner. Dinner of mapo tofu (basically tofu that is pretty spicy), salmon (that was fatty which is my favorite!), rice, and cucumbers, among other types of vegetables that are not very important.

After dinner was when everything went downhill. I discovered that I had summer homework – a lot from English and math – and Chicago P.D. wasn’t on anymore so I was stuck watching Law and Order which is not as good as Law and Order: SVU (fight me; I’ll win). Watching television started at 7:30 pm, not am.

At nine was time to go to bed, and I reluctantly left my place at the couch.

All in all, yesterday was a relaxing and boring day. Today was already much busier, as I had to register for the SAT and have to begin summer homework.

Anyways, I’d love to hear about your day in quarantine and what you spend doing with all the extra time!

Lots of love, and stay happy,



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