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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 2- What Makes me Happy?

Happiness is subjective.

God, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to use those three words in a post.

Here’s my list of what makes me happy:

  1. Happiness is subjective!

    Eek! I’m so happy I got to use that phrase! Must stop laughing. Too hard to type.
  2. Getting a 100% on a test.

    Hello? Getting a hundred sends a rush of spark into my chest and lights everything on fire. Just kidding. That’s too dramatic. Just a pleasant tingle.
  3. Getting a compliment.

    I’m Chinese, so compliments are rare. When I get them, I turn red, stutter, say some noncommittal thing, and then run away giggling.
  4. Writing

    I write when I’m thoughtful or sad, but writing just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you know?
  5. When someone says my outfit looks nice

  6. When I beat my friend in something.

    Duh! It’s such a great feeling. Victory is mine!
  7. When I watch Chicago P.D’s Upton and Halstead.

    They’re so perfect together. The slow burn is just killing me.
  8. When I eat ice-cream

    Cold, melty vanilla on my tongue and triggering all of my taste-buds. Can anything get better than that?
  9. When I see that I have more than one view on my blog.

    C’mon everyone, we all know that seeing more than one view feels good.
  10. A book.

    Books are great. Adventure with romance mixed in is wonderful. Read the Throne of Glass series for that. Or just reread Harry Potter!!!!!!!!
  11. When I hear the words “fried chicken” while listening to the song “Drops of Jupiter” by Train

    Strangest lyrics, but just pure art.
  12. When I trick a friend.

    Best feeling ever! I feel like an evil genius afterwards.
  13. When I get a text from a friend.

    C’mon, we all know that it feels great. Someone cares about us.
  14. When I hear a song on the radio that I absolutely love.

    “Young and Alive” by Bazzi is hitting all the right spots right now. I’m listening to it as of now!
  15. When I see people supporting racial equality and stepping out of their way to be united with other races against the massive thing called racial injustice.

    Yes, queen! I totally agree, especially with all the turmoil going on right now. Racial injustice is a huge problem right now, but it gladdens me to see that there are millions of people around the world who care for the well-being of the colored.

That’s all I can think about as of now. It’s honestly more than I thought I was going to write.

But the important thing is that the smallest things makes us happy, especially in times like this when we are stuck in our homes and watching everything going up in flames around us.

Feel free to send me a list of what makes you happy! I’d be happy (see what I did there?) to see them.

Lots of love, and be happy,



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