30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 1- Describing My Personality

30 Day Writing Challenge! Do it with me!

Describing my personality is like describing a white wall with splatters of multi-colored paint on it.

I’m deeply sarcastic. Right now, I’m rolling my eyes because I accidentally deleted this post before I was going to publish it.

I am a secret hopeless romantic, although I am a self-professed cynic.

I get annoyed really easily, and am extremely judgemental.

I get nervous really easy as well.

I’m a worry-wart. When I was younger, I had a backpack equipped with clothes, food, and water in case anything bad happened. I also had a plastic knife in there to protect myself. The food and water expired, and the clothes became too small. The knife split in half because I accidentally sat on it.

I am mysterious. I listen to others talk about themselves, and don’t tell them everything about me.

I’m loyal to my friends to a maximum.

I put on a tough girl facade who is pessimistic, but, in reality, I am a soft marshmallow who is extremely optimistic.

I am a listener. I will do anything for anybody who asks.

I’m sensitive.

I’m determined when I put my mind to things.

I act like I don’t care, but I truly do care.

I will always be there for my friends.

I’m lonely.

Ah. I think that’s it!

Y’all should do the challenge with me. I’d love to see what y’all write about yourselves. Besides, it’s good for self-care.

Lots of love, and write with me,


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