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We All Have a Story to Tell

Dark brown hair, tilted brown eyes, tanned skin.

Blonde wavy hair, blue glittering eyes, fair skin.

Dark curly brown hair, intense dark brown eyes, coffee-colored skin.

We all have a story to tell. Past our skin color, past our look, past our personality.

A person once told me we have three hearts. One heart we show to strangers. The second heart we show to our family, our loved ones. The third heart we show to no one except one special person. Or it may not get shown to anyone at all.

Intertwining these three hearts is our story.

Too often in books do we become riveted by the hero’s arc. Of someone who grew up surrounded by sadness and grief to become someone emboldened by courage and strength and surrounded by their loved ones.

I find myself having a difficult time separating myself from fiction and reality. I am torn between wanting a horrible childhood so I could emerge triumphant somewhere along the line or between the great childhood I was blessed with, and thus having no improvement whatsoever down the line.

I sound selfish and spoiled when I say that. I know that there are people suffering out there, people who don’t make it out of that dark tunnel into the light. But fiction has twisted reality into something to cry over and then triumph over.

Our story is not one story. It does not have to be a story of sadness and darkness. It can be a story of happiness and building a successful future.

We all have our own story.

We just need to find the right person to listen.

Lots of love,



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