Simply a Kind Word

Look back and be grateful, look ahead and be hopeful, look around and be helpful.


The girl wound her hair in a braid as she sat rocking on the swing. A small tear escaped from her eye. The kids at school were mean.

They called her mean things. They called her “ugly bird” because her name was Jay. They said she looked ugly too.

She sat alone at lunch. Sometimes people threw pieces of food at her. No one bothered though. They just watched and laughed.

Her parents didn’t really care either. They were usually gone doing some other stuff. Sometimes, she was left home alone with her older sister. But her older sister went out because she was in high school and partied with a lot of friends.

Her older sister was pretty. Her name was Aria. She was really popular and talked a lot. She had a nice voice for singing too. Everyone liked her.

The girl was not pretty. She wasn’t popular and was really shy. She couldn’t sing. Nobody liked her. She was only in second grade.

She was good at drawing though. But this mean guy from school ripped her drawings up. So now she didn’t draw because she was afraid the mean guy would rip it up again.

She was also good at being quiet. Her parents taught her that being quiet was good. So she was… grateful for that. Grateful was a new word that their teacher had taught them.

Another tear dripped down, landing on her leg. Her legs had a few scars on it because a kid had tripped her at school. The nurse was really nice and bandaged her leg up. The nurse also gave her some candy and told her to come to her if anything bad happened again. But the girl was afraid the nurse would get mad at her if she came too many times so she never came.

The girl got up from her swing slowly and wiped at her eye. When she looked up, she saw the mean guy and his friends standing in front of her. They were a little taller than her, but not that much. They looked angry, and she backed up slowly, her head bowed. She knew what was going to happen.

But when she looked up again, the mean guy and his friends were running away. And in their place was the nurse. The girl looked up at the nurse with watery eyes. The nurse knelt down and hugged her.

“Are you okay, my darling?” she asked, wiping a tear from the girl’s face.

“They are mean,” replied the girl, backing away. Was the nurse going to punish her now?

The nurse smiled sympathetically. “It’s alright, love. Do you want me to walk you home? I would like to talk to your parents.”

The girl rubbed her eyes with her palms. “Mama and Papa aren’t home.” Her voice was very quiet, and she hung back.

The nurse’s face fell. “Oh, honey. Here, I’ll walk you back.”

The nurse took the girl’s hand and walked with her, following the girl’s directions. Her mama said to never talk to strangers. Was the nurse a stranger? She looked questioningly at the nurse. The nurse looked nice. She was nice, though.

The nurse gave the girl another hug. “Do you want me to stay with you for a little bit?” she asked, as they went up the stairs to the girl’s home.

The girl shook her head. “My sister is home.”

The nurse nodded. “Okay. Now, if you need anything, I want you to tell me, okay? Here, here is a piece of candy.”

The girl took the candy, looking up at the nurse with wide eyes. Her parents never gave her candy. “Thank you,” she said quietly.

The nurse smiled. “You are the best little girl I ever knew. I always wanted a little girl like you, but I never got one.”

Jay smiled widely, all of her teeth showing. She was the best! Her parents never told her that. “Thank you.”

And she surprised all of them by giving the nurse a hug. With that, Jay skipped through the door and closed it, waving goodbye to the nurse.

She was very happy.

The next day, when the mean guys came after her, Jay stood her ground. She was the best little girl ever. After the mean guys realized that they couldn’t do anything anymore, they gave up.

And Jay stayed with the nurse everyday after school for a few hours. She was very excited for the next few years in school if she could stay with the nurse.

She was the best little girl ever.

A kind word can mean the world to everyone. Whenever you see someone having a bad day, offer a kind word to them.

It can mean the difference between living or not.

Lots of love, and be kind,


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