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The Question of Uniqueness: Pondering the Asinine

I have since I entered middle school searched long and far to the answer of uniqueness.

Perhaps I should start off with a question. After all, you cannot have an answer, but not a question.

The question of uniqueness is a simple one. It is one of the ages. It is one that constantly plagues the mortal mind and soul. It is, perhaps, the second most deadliest enemy after time. Maybe the third, after cars.

Nevertheless, the question of uniqueness begins with a question. What makes people unique?

Then, you must whittle it down to its categories. Unique from animals? Unique from inanimate objects such as the cuckoo bird that pops annoyingly from the wooden clock hanging on your purple walls? Or, perhaps, you’re look for how people are unique from each other.

The last question is one of which is a life long passion of mine to discover the answer to. And, even now, as I write this post, I have no idea.

What makes people unique from other people? What, in that very fact, makes me unique from the students around me at school?

I’m quite stubborn. But then, I suppose there are plenty at school who are as stubborn as I am. I’m annoying obsessed with reading books – particularly adventure and mystery that have a bit of romance swirled deftly in – as well as writing my own mediocre stories which happen to never be finished and lay around in the interiors of my computer rotting slowly away. But, then again, there are plenty in my school who have their nose buried in their book twenty four hours a day, and their minds whirling away as they type furiously into their computer only to discover their words are complete nonsense.

Perhaps, the only thing that I know to be especially unique about me is that my appearance is completely unique. I do not know anyone who looks like me, and, if you do, you don’t know what I look like; therefore, in that sense and using my own twisted logic, you don’t look like me.

Other than that, my personality is purely saccharine. It’s not sugar, not is it salt, but just the best thing in between. There are plenty who are saccharine like me; we love mysteries and the dark underbelly of the blue planet, we are extremely empathetic, and we wish we were special. The sugar is those who have a kind heart, one that I personally cannot stomach, and loves to help others and cannot stand the sight of blood. The salt is the nihilist. Ha! The sugar- optimist. The saccharine- pessimist. The salt- nihilist.

I have figured out the meaning of life!

Nevertheless, I do not know what makes me unique from other people, except for my appearance. Perhaps it is the combination of all my traits that make me unique; even if there are plenty out there who have the same combination as me. Although… we may have different amounts of each trait that make us who we are.

This question of uniqueness has weighed quite heavily on my mind as I prepare to enter junior year of high school and thus enter the world of applying to colleges. It seems so unlikely to me that there is not an applicant out there who is exactly like me. The only thing that I have for myself to distinguish me from others is my extracurriculars. Which isn’t even that much or impressive, especially compared to other friends and people I just happen to know. People of my age have accomplished far more than I have. Take, for instance, Greta Thunberg.

I have not solved the question of uniqueness. And I do not plan on solving it tomorrow in the near future. Perhaps it will have to wait until I exit out of high school.

In fact, perhaps what makes me unique is that I am writing a post about the question of uniqueness. It is an extremely asinine topic that the smartest would not even bother putting a finger on this post.

Ha! I have entered into the self-deprecating part of my personality. And for a quick exit from that zone, I must say, perhaps, somewhere in my lifetime, I will discover I am unique.

Until then, I am apart of the gray masses that the unremembered die in.

Lots of love!



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