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The Whirlpool of Fate versus Free Will: Importance of Human Connection

Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice.

William Jennings Bryan

I remember we were in class on a Friday. My friend was telling me about how her English teacher had claimed she hadn’t turned in an essay, and she said she had, only to discover the essay was still in her backpack. But she still needed to give the essay to her teacher.

Naturally, as an inquisitive person, I asked her if I could read it. After much cajoling and begging, I finally laid my eyes on the scrawled essay. It was about fate versus free will. And I remember feeling appalled that she believed in fate. That she didn’t try and study because if fate wanted her to succeed, she would succeed.

That was what my friend believed in. After bouts of depression, anxiety, living in a torn-apart home, my friend had given up on trying. And I’d like to say I helped her realize that her thoughts about fate were unrealistic. But I didn’t. The bell rang, and we parted ways.

Nevertheless, her words still haunt me to this day.

In a world that centers on effort and working until we made it, free will is the obvious choice.

But for those who grow up affected by other environmental factors that prove impossible to solve, they lose hope and start to believe in fate.

That is why it is so important to talk to others who may feel down. Talk to those who may feel as if there is nothing left for them.

You may not be able to change their mind. Heck, you might just be trying to make a dent against a very solid brick wall.

But talking to them will eventually break down their barriers. And they will begin opening up to you, like petals of a flower opening up.

Because, in the end, fate is not going to carry them to the end. And they’re going to wallow in stagnant water that will eventually become a whirlpool that sucks them down into its watery depths.

In a world where its easy to feel lonely, we need real human connection. Where we talk to each other about each other, in hopes of bolstering the other up. Not about everything and nothing.

Take some time out of your day. Call a friend. Heck, Zoom with a friend. And just talk about life.

You’ll feel more refreshed. Happier. And you’ll go to sleep knowing that you did something. And that you tried.

Lots of love, and have a real conversation,



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