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The Power of Nature: Inspiration to the Lowly Writer

Nature has a way of calming us.

The sound of birds chirping, the breeze rushing through our hair, the feel of the grass beneath our fingers as we lay down on a blanket and observe the sunset…

In times of stress like these, people are taking to walking, running, or just exercising outside their homes. The breath of fresh air clears our head and allows imagination and creativity to flow through our mind.

This morning, we went on a trip to a lake about ten miles away from us. It wasn’t the clearest nor the cleanest, but that mere trip allowed my head to clear and write with renewed vigor.

Not to mention, the creatures we see on our daily walk/run/hike/etc. are perfect inspiration for whatever story or piece of writing you have next.

The squirrels chasing each other around the tree could be having an argument. Or perhaps a suitor is chasing his lady. Or the lady is chasing the suitor. Or it’s just two children at play.

The dog that is following us with its eyes as it paces back and forth in someone’s gated house could be trapped and pleading with us for help. Or perhaps it merely wants to eat us, and is a werewolf in disguise.

Perhaps there are birds twittering around in trees; for all you know, they could be having a discussion about having a baby. Or they could be gossiping about you. Oh, the horror!

Or maybe those trees that you are passing by are the true enemies of humankind. Perhaps they are plotting against the world as revenge for what humanity has done to the trees and its relatives by releasing smog into the atmosphere and killing the saplings. The oxygen they release could be their secret gas that you inhale, thus making you blind to the trees’ true motives.

You see?

Nature is inspirational.

Behold, thus, the power of nature!

A bird’s nest I found in the middle of an orange tree in my backyard!

Lots of love, and take a walk,



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