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The Reality About “Happily Ever Afters”: An Ending Grounded in Fiction

I’ve never really enjoyed happily ever afters.

Happily ever afters are a tidy way to end a story. It’s simple and easy. It leaves the readers with no questions, leaves the author feeling satisfied, and leaves everyone happy.

I’ve never liked those endings.

Because a world where everyone is happy is no world at all.

This morning, I was looking out my window at my backyard. The grass was green, little sprouts of soon-to-be-eaten vegetables popping up through the soil, and birds chirping away. It would have been a princess-rated morning if it weren’t for the fact that the grass was greener in other places, the little sprouts of vegetables had ants crawling over them, and the birds were chirping about the plentiful abundance of worms in the ground. The sky was also gray.

There was one bird in particular that caught my eye. A small bird. It seemed to be pulling at something in the ground. And it also seemed to be injured. Or perhaps it was just enjoying its meal for a good 10 minutes in the same position.

Another small bird flew into the tree before flying away into the sky.

And, still, that bird kept tugging at the thing in the ground.

A bigger bird flew into the tree, its sharp eyes scanning the ground.

And, still, the bird kept tugging at the thing in the ground.

Faster than my eye could follow, the bigger bird swooped down and carried the little bird away into the sky.

Perhaps, if I believed in happy endings, the bigger bird was its mother and the smaller bird was its babe. It was simply taking care of its babe.

But I don’t.

The grim reality is that the bigger bird took the smaller bird for a meal.

Happy endings are too convenient. They’re for people who are so naive to believe that the world is turning for them. That everything will turn out all right.

The reality of life is that there are ups and downs. There are no happy endings. There’s only that brief moment of high before you go back down again, or you climb even higher to fall down an even steeper mountain.

It’s not a pessimistic view. It’s grounded in reality.

Perhaps, if I believed in happy endings, I wouldn’t be writing this.

Perhaps if I believed in happy endings, I wouldn’t even be sitting here in front of my computer studying and writing in hopes of getting a better future.

Happy endings are convenient.

An easy way to wrap up a story and leave everyone satisfied.

But life isn’t satisfactory.

Lots of love, and keep on climbing,



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