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Day 23: Opposite Day

Opposite day was today’s challenge.

Or shall I say, wasn’t today’s challenge? 😉

I really wish today ended up on a Wednesday. It would be a perfect combination.

Anyhow, it was a bit hard to wire my brain around opposites and saying things in the opposite tense, but I eventually got it worked out.

Of course, like most of my speaking challenges, I slipped up a few times.

Actually, not a few times.

I completely transitioned out of speaking in the opposite way for about two hours before I posted this. It wasn’t till I began writing this that I snapped back into opposite mode.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how my sister’s and I conversation went with our parents today.

Me: We don’t want to eat fajitas this afternoon.
My mom: You don’t?
My sister: We don’t. It doesn’t taste good.
My mom: Excuse me?

Boy, were we in trouble.

My mom is still acting pretty frosty right now, so I’d say opposite day is over for now.

No more.


Lots of love, and enjoy life,



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