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Day 22: Probable Board Game

Yesterday’s challenge was to build a board game.


But combined with my sister’s preoccupation with another activity and my limited time at night, it was not finished until today. And, even now, it really isn’t finished.

And I’m not exactly sure how it is a board game.

Now, it’s more like a picture. A badly drawn picture of four different scenes, barely knit together into a patchwork quilt.

Perhaps there should be certain amount of actions to get to each land. Like washing dishes a certain number of times to get to Snoopy land. Then, doing certain kind acts to get into another one.

Or winning a certain number of board games.

Ugh, maybe ya’ll can help me think of certain challenges.

Anyways, here’s the picture/pseudo board game.

Lots of love, and board games all around,



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