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Flying in the Clouds

The girl jumped into the air, her gray feathered wings spreading wide and catching the wind. She whooped with joy as she soared upwards and then downwards, following the trajectory of the birds in front of her.

Her dark hair flew every which way, forming a halo around her head. Her brown eyes glittered, and her cheeks reddened, as the air became steadily colder the higher she flew.

Below her, her brother flew, a look of terror and awe on his face as he nearly collided with a confused bird wandering its way across the vast sky.

The girl giggled, whistling down to her brother who continued staying lower in the sky.

The sky was getting steadily darker, storm clouds moving in, but they continue exploring the sky and the limits to their flying.

The girl, glancing up at how much of the sky was left above her, yelled to her brother, “I’m flying higher!”

His face twisted with fear, her brother flew lower. “I don’t think that’s a good idea! Storm’s coming!”

The girl shrugged, flying giving her a reckless feeling in her gut, and she shot upwards, ignoring the whip of cold against her face and the protests of her brother.

The sky was growing darker and darker, the clouds growing denser with water.

The girl didn’t notice, and whooped with joy again as she flew every which way, delighting in her newfound freedom in the sky. She spotted a flash of yellow out of the corner of her eye, but she flew higher still, her cheeks growing red.

Suddenly, she was falling, a horrible pain in her right wing.

It was crumpled, burning, and the edge of the perfectly gray wing had turned black.

She bit in a scream as she managed to anchor herself with her left wing flapping uselessly. The girl looked down, swallowing as she saw how high she was. Her brother was probably already on the ground safe and sound…

Before she finished the thought, the girl saw a flash of yellow.

And then darkness as the girl spiraled to the ground.


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