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Day 21: Celebrating a Birthday in Quarantine

Can you believe it is day twenty one already?

I’m personally scared.

Time passes by too fast.

Anyways, there wasn’t really a challenge today, besides celebrating my sister’s birthday in quarantine.

I can’t really attest to how her birthday was. But I can tell it from my perspective.

5:20 am: I wake up, stretching. I’m kind of excited for her to see her gifts, but more excited to cook breakfast for her because although I’m not a chef, I have big plans in mind.

7 am: My sister is awake now, and I know my mom has wished her happy birthday. But I am busy reading a book, so I hide under my covers and continue reading. I will give her her birthday card later.

7:10 am: I am forced to get out of bed and bring my card out with me. My sister is brushing her teeth, and I present her the card, given to her by Snoopy, a stuffed animal of hers. She says thanks and I pad outside to drink some water.

7:20 am: My sister receives her presents- lip-balm making kit and purse. My present for her is cooking breakfast since I couldn’t go anywhere to buy anything.

7:27 am: I am busy making bechamel sauce.

7: 34 am: Toasting bread and frying spam. (don’t judge)

7:44 am: Finally making scrambled eggs with butter and taco seasoning. Assemble the food: Toast, bechamel on top of toast, then spam, and then egg. Yum!

7:50 am: Time to eat after cleaning the dishes. My sister professes she likes the dish, but I know the truth. It’s a bit too salty for my taste, as well.

8:10am: Begin school work. It no longer seems like a birthday anymore, more like a regular day.

Fast forward to…

12:38 pm: My mother makes one of my sister’s favorite dishes- dumplings. They taste great, especially with hot sauce.

1:18 pm: My sister and my mom go to 85 Degrees Bakery to grab the Tiramisu cake. I can’t wait to eat it!

Around 4: Finally we can tuck into the cake. It’s the best thing ever today, even better than my “too salty” breakfast.

I can’t see into the future, but I can tell you that at around 6, we will be eating dinner which will comprise of brown-sauce noodles, my sister’s absolute favorite dish. And then around nine, we’ll be off to sleep, and she’ll be dreaming sweet birthday dreams.

And I will be tucked away in my bed, dreaming whatever I usually dream, and thinking of the autumn to come.

A taken apart tiramisu cake. If you look carefully, you can see “happy birthday” somewhere! 🙂

Lots of love, and have fun today,



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