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The Quarantine Life: Blogging Edition

The quarantine lifestyle is our new style.

It’s filled with sitting around watching television or pecking away at our computer, sleeping in, forcing ourselves to do work and reminding ourselves that this is not a long-term weekend, and basically, freaking out over the world situation.

But it has thankfully given us a lot of time to take the ample time to focus on other hobbies.

For bloggers, this time is especially essential.

We have more time to perfect our craft, more time for beginners (like me) to adjust to the blogging schedule, and more time to read up on other blogs.

So this ample time shouldn’t go to waste.

Warren Buffett, the fourth wealthiest person in the world, has a certain habit in the morning. He reads for six hours straight.

But not just any book.

He reads the financial reports. Financial reports of big successful companies. Financial reports of companies who were extremely successful one year. Financial reports from top to bottom.

He spent his ample time perfecting his craft.

Which is what we should be doing.

As fellow bloggers churning out posts to the world day after day, our posts can become… pond scum. It’s what we write from the top of our head. It’s not our best work, but it’s still a post. And then we click publish.

But with this extra time, we can edit these posts. Let them sit for a while when you do your actual work.

And then when you come back, it’s not pond scum anymore. It’s pond scum filled with opportunities that you can manipulate into whatever shape you want.

Quarantine has changed our life in many ways, good or bad.

But for the blogger, it’s changed life in a good way.

Lots of love, and keep blogging,



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