Day 18: No Phones

People say teenagers can’t live without their phone.

We’re glued to it.

We can’t take our eyes from it.

So I thought this challenge would be hard, especially considering how much YouTube I watch. And YouTube was off limits this challenge too, so…

I survived.

And it was much easier.

We set out our phones on the coffee table in the living room and didn’t lay a single finger on it otherwise. Our day was preoccupied with our computers and, in my case, a lot of books.

So, basically, our computer took over our day.

Oh! And television where NCIS: LA was playing for the Mother’s Day marathon. Boy was I mad when they switched from the end of season 9 to the beginning of season 1. That’s just cruel.

Anyways, what I’m here to say, is that living without your phone isn’t that bad if you have your computer and your television.

Maybe our next challenge is no television.


Not yet, at least.

Lots of love, and keep safe,


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