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Day 17: Bullet Journaling

Journaling has become extremely popular over these past two years.

And it is important in maintaining our mental health as well as allowing us to vent our frustrations and feelings into, what it seems to be, a wall.

But the rising popular of journaling is not due to the constant reminders by healthcare professionals. It’s due to the new trend of bullet journaling, the fancy way of journaling.

I’ve always stuck to my lined paper, my pencil, my eraser. Last year, I transitioned to lined paper, a pen, and some color.

And I suppose, what better time than the pandemic to begin bullet journaling?

Bullet journaling, like I said, is the fancy way of journaling. It involves rulers, pens, colors, and extreme preciseness or intentional messiness.

It’s so much harder than it looks. And it is a lot more trouble than it’s worth. And it takes so much time.

Yet, the amount of time I put into creating my masterpiece is rewarding. I feel… vindicated after I’ve finished what I’ve planned to draw/write that day.


I could include my thoughts on flying in there. I mean, the journal would accept my thoughts.

Anyways, here is a collage of my successful attempt at bullet journaling. Did I mention Google and Pinterest have a lot of bullet journal ideas?

Anyways, feel free to send in pictures of how your bullet journal looks like!

But, all in all, bullet journaling is not the ultimate goal. It’s simple journaling and improving your mental health. You don’t need to get fancy. You don’t even need to have a journal.

And believe me, keeping a journal helps immensely.

Lots of love, and keep journaling,



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