Day 16: Building a Pillow Fort

Fridays are for relaxing.

And what better way for relaxing than building a pillow fort?

Pillow forts are the epitome of relaxation. In fact, when you picture relaxation, you picture a pillow fort. At least, you will after reading this.

The key aspects of a pillow fort are comfort, something in the middle to give it a structure, and having a place to relax.

And unfortunately, our pillow fort only checked one of the boxes: the middle structure.

The pillow fort was a bit hard to build because we didn’t have a specific tall structure we could put in the middle of all the blankets. And we had to use several blankets which was hard to anchor.

But it ended up working. We used a luggage with its handle up as the middle structure, and anchored the blankets using my clothes drawers and chairs. Here’s a picture of the inside of the pillow fort:

It’s dark, but you can see the multiple layers of blankets. And my stuffed animal dog!! There are also two pillows under it.

Due to my lack of planning, I did not take a picture of the outside of the fort, but, let me tell you, it looked more like a jumble of blankets than anything.

But it’ll get better with time.

At least, we’ll then start building for comfort, not for structure. A comfy pillow fort would be nice. Not a pillow fort on the cold hard ground.

Hopefully, it will get better with time.

Lots of love, and relaxxxxxx,


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