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So the World Can Hear…


The world is vast, filled with animals and plants. Filled with humans of all kinds who, like us, are filled with a mission to be something greater.

To be something better.

But, often, looking for one human – looking for you, looking for me – is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Our voices are often drowning out by a cacophony of other voices crying out. This perfectly bleeds in into blogging.

Millions of people around the world are blogging. They’re sharing their voices, their ideas, online in hopes of being discovered and in hopes of rising to fame.

But there is a great amount of those blogs that don’t rise to fame. They remain buried under the debris. And their voices never get heard.

The solution?


Scream so loud that your voice is heard. Scream so that the world can hear you. Scream! Scream! Scream!

But how can you scream?

  1. Write, write, write. Dole out at least one post a day. Focus on improving your writing. Perfect your technique.
  2. Read. You have to read good blogs. Read good books. Read good magazines. Read good articles. The more you read, the more that you will garner ideas to write about. You will also learn how to perfect your technique, by analyzing each writer’s character and their own techniques.
  3. You might want to invest. I can’t, as a high school student who has absolutely no control over financials, but investing will provide you with many great platforms and opportunities.
  4. Write when you’re in a mood. Whether you’re angry, sad, upset, frustrated… that is when you are going to do your best writing. Because your writings are going to be mired with emotion. They’re going to scream to other readers that you love what you do and you are passionate.

Those are tips that I’ve taken to account (except investing). Of course, some days, it’s going to be hard to write.

And, some days, it’s okay to take a break. You don’t want to burn out on blogging. You want to keep churning out your best work.

For instance, this Sunday, I won’t be around for blogging. Well, it’s a bit different. Not for a break, but for another challenge called “no technology except TV’s and computers when in desperate need”. Which excludes blogging and other types of social media.

But it’s a break. Which will give me time to recharge and garner some more ideas for my list.


Just scream!!

Lots of love, and keep writing,



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