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Don’t Force Yourself to Write

You’re staring at a blank page.

No words litter the page with your ideas and imagination.

It’s just… blank.

We’ve all encountered this before. You sit down, ready to type something, and nothing comes into mind. In fact, this post started because I had nothing to write about and wrote a few nonsense sentences onto the page that somehow began with “Do you want to know how to fly?”

I do want to know how to fly. Really, I would love to write some more nonsensical sentences on flying.

And while I could do that, it would be nonsense. And it would have no impact.

So, don’t force yourself to write.

If you do, you’re going to come up with pond scum- the words that drift at the very top of your brain that hold no value.

For me, whenever I have nothing to write about, I listen to music. Then I doodle. Then I lay down, listen to music, and then doodle. And then I do yoga.

And suddenly, in the midst of doing a downward dog, I come up with an idea! It’s like magic.

Magic. Flying.

So, the moral is not to force yourself to write. You need to let the ideas come fluidly to you. It will eventually come, even when you are doing a downward dog or when you are in the middle of a highly intense video game.

What I’m trying to say is if you don’t know what to write about, let your mind wander and leave the computer and your writing for a good amount of time.

Ideas will fly out of the blue into your mind.

Like this post, which started with flying and has now ended with not forcing yourself to write.

Really, don’t force yourself to write.

You’re going to end up with pond scum and dead leaves. Let your imagination wander, and you will end up with a topic that is much deeper and richer.

Lots of love, and fly,



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