The Loneliness of Today’s Day and Age

“Modern loneliness/never alone, always depressed/love my friends to death/but I never call, I never text”
-“Modern Loneliness” by Lauv

I was listening to Lauv’s “Modern Loneliness” and was struck with how true this song was in describing today’s day and age. The video of this song was even more heartbreaking, highlighting our obsession with social media.

I often find myself lonely, even in a group of friends because I haven’t found someone that truly understands me the way I do. Or perhaps I’m just holding back.

I only have Snapchat, which very well might save me in the future from checking and checking other social media platforms. I already spend a good chunk of my day watching Youtube, watching T.V, and typing away at my computer.

Today’s day and age is filtered by what we post on our social media accounts. We find ourselves further estranged from our friends than we ever were. Even on weekends, all we see of our friends (sometimes) is their social media posts and what they are doing today. Or we facetime, and get introduced to the other’s problems and triumphs in life.

Like I said, I feel lonely even when I’m with a group of friends. They’re always on their phones, talking about the latest thing social media they saw, which I don’t have.

And of course, technology and social media have made our lives better in some ways. They have both elevated our level of living. They have allowed us to connect with people across the world or when we are far apart.

But they have made us lonely. Made us longing for something unattainable. Something that we don’t have that others have.

It’s made us lonely in these times and days.

Here’s the “Modern Loneliness” video.

Lots of love, and let’s be lonely together,


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