Flying Away

Two pairs of shoes,
And clothes scattered on the ground
Luggage gone
And I’m alone again.

All I’m left with is the smell of you,
And the tears dripping down,
Into the ground you once stood in.

I still see our pictures on the wall,
Hands around each other,
Intertwined in life and happiness.

The sound of your crooning voice,
When you played the piano,
Echoes in my ear…
But the clashes of voices
Screaming in the hallways,
Undoes the peace
And me.

I’m so tired in this life,
I’ve been living in.
I’m tired of keeping myself chained to your feet,
Begging you to come back.

I’m tired of hearing you whisper,
Threats in my ear every time I try to break free.
We had our chance in the past,
A past of a thousand golden suns,
And now is the present we’re in,
The present of stormy clouds, and periodic sunshine,
Which is still covered by fog.

I’ve given my life to you.
So I’m taking my life back.
And I’m climbing out of this dark hole
I’ve been living in for the past few years.

Two pairs of shoes,
And clothes scattered on the ground.
Two luggage packs gone,
And I’m flying away.

I’m flying away.

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