Day 9+10: Origami Lucky Stars and Self-Care Day

Day nine (Friday) was a more relaxing day. Yes, the beginning of the day was filled with homework and AP work, but from four to nine pm, it was the epitome of relaxing.

My sister and I were working on origami lucky stars while watching NCIS: LA. We cut strips of construction paper, one centimeter wide, and followed the instructions on how to make origami lucky stars.

They’re easy to make, and, best of all, so cute! (We are still not done with making all the stars yet, but in a couple of days, hopefully we will be.)

The link is below on how to make the stars:

Day ten was a self-care day, in which I relaxed by not blogging. It was becoming more of a type of “homework” I had to do day in and day out. With yesterday’s relaxation, I can come back stronger today!

Lots of love, and take some time to relax,


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