Taking Charge of 24 Hours

Taking charge of the twenty four hours in a day is exceptionally hard. And especially needed for success.

How much of your day is wasted by checking your phone? Or exploring articles on your computer?

I admit, I’m guilty of this well.

It leads to procrastination, restlessness, anxiousness…

Being quarantined at home leaves ample time for exploring hobbies, working on homework, or being present for your family and jobs.

It also leads to ample time being spent on your phone, computer, and sitting in front of your T.V.

How to combat this restlessness?

I’ve devised a tactic. One that I’ve copycatted from other people as well, and perhaps other bloggers as well…

It’s simple.

A planner.

List a list of activities you would like to get done in day.

Then start off with three of them.

Finish the first activity in an allotted amount of time. Then finish the next. Then finish the third.

Take a short rest.

Then do the same thing, over and over again until your list has disappeared.

It’s a simple and easy way to be present and on task. You don’t need an actual planner you can use a spare piece of paper, or a notebook that you have at home. Heck, you can even use a post-it note like my dad does.

I’ve also found it helpful to leave my phone in another room to prevent myself from reaching over and turning it on.

For me, this tactic has been extremely helpful. I’ve finished most of my activities by five pm, leaving seven to nine open for watching television because, like all human beings, I need my down time.

Lots of love, and get planning,


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