Motivation and Habits: Key to Success

People always preach about motivation.

It’s what drives you.

It’s going to make you want to that one thing for the next few hours straight, to put your heart into it, to put your soul into it… It’s going to make you want to be in charge of the next twenty-four hours of your day.

It’s the heart, soul, and the driving force of whatever project your are working on.

You only started the project because you were motivated.

I’m not talking about school work. I’m not talking about practicing soccer in the backyard because you know your parents want you do it.

I’m talking about hobbies you love. Exercising for the love of it, blogging for the love of it, drawing for the love of it…

But the reality is that motivation is short-lived. You get motivated and excited for this one project, but the next minute, the motivation slowly fades away and turns into something else. Or it turns into motivation for another project. Then another project. Then another project.

This is where habits come in. Habits cement your project in rock solid foundation. Create a schedule for yourself. Or create a goal of each day.

For me, I was motivated to start this blog because I had always loved writing, and I was thrilled about getting my writing to people around the world. But that enthusiasm quickly faded. However, because I had created a habit or, rather, a goal of writing at least one post each day, my blog didn’t fade out, like most of my projects did.

That is why I still consider my blog one of my success stories because I had never followed through on a project of this magnitude. Even if they didn’t gain as many views, likes, etc. as other blogs.

Motivation starts your project.

Habits continue your project.

Lots of love, and get motivated/create habits,


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