Happiness in Demise

Little girl on white, white floor
Unmoving figure of goddess Venus pristine
Puffs of breath, a cloud of dust
Swirls around her mouth
As a placid smile stretches her face,
Eyes of sadness cry.

Fingers coiled around dark red rose
Prick of blood
A snap of light holds it forever,
A moment suspended in the past.

Writings on a white, white wall
Scrawls of feminine beauty
All too aware of the lack of future.
The horror of light haunted her
Yet a painted smile on her unmoving mouth,
Unspoken words crammed deep.

A pool of lonely tears
Spread in a sphere around my unmoving feet
As I flip through photos a pile deep,
Sorting a life of sorrows and fears.

My little girl in a white, white bed,
Smile of serenity on placid face
Polished fingertips beckon to me.
I gently brush a kiss on her pale cheek,
And fold herself inside a container
Meant to hold her worries.
A blossoming of a red, red rose,
Against the cylindrical container.
Beauty, at its finest.
A mere ache of lonely days
Now to finally subside.

Lots of love,


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