Day 1

Day one of my “self-care” challenge with twists.

We painted our nails. It sounds easy, but for someone who doesn’t like having my nails being painted or losing my control, it threw me in a frenzy.

I painted my sister’s nails. My sister painted mine.

And for someone who loves control, this was especially hard. My hands were sweating throughout the entire thing. Both times when I was painting my sister’s nails and my nails. I was constantly nervous that she would mess up my nails or they would look horrible. I was nervous that I would mess her nails up and that it would look horrible.

You see, I get nervous over a lot of things.

Even now, my hands are sweating like crazy. If you haven’t noticed, my hands sweat when I get nervous.

It didn’t help that the colors available at home were all different shades of pink. Blah. Pink is an overrated color. But don’t sue me on that.

Anyways, that was the first day of the challenge

The self care part: taking care of my nails.

The twist part: losing control.

In the hand, it didn’t turn out so bad. I might do this again because it was quite fun. Furthermore, maybe losing my control for an hour will do me pretty well.

Here are some pictures!

My sister’s nails! I did an ombre color. From no color to a darker shade of pink.
My hands! My sister painted them. You can’t really tell, but the other nails except the ring finger are painted a light shade of pink.

Lots of love, and keep painting your nails,


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