Thirty Days of Twists and “Self-Care”

We have so much time at home now. And so much free time.

And, honestly, because we’re away from social influences, this is one of the most perfect times to have some fun. Reinvent yourself.

People are already doing this. They’re dying their hair, changing the way their hair looks, etc.

I got my inspiration for this from the book 90 Days of Different by Eric Walters. It’s a great book, and I know this isn’t a book review, but still. Anyways, the main character, whose boyfriend and best friend calls her boring and predictable, agrees to do 90 days of different activities by the same best friend.

And, no, I’m not doing 90 days of different.

I’m doing 30 days of “self-care” with twists and turns.

I’m a control freak. Very predictable. Hate changes.

So, I figured, this is the perfect time to do this. And the perfect person to do this with? My sister.

So, come with me on a journey of thirty days. I’ll be posting regularly what we do each day, starting tomorrow.

I hope you get inspired by this, and decide to do the same. It’s all about loving yourself and embracing change, which I’m horrible at.

And this is the perfect time to do this, especially since we’re all stuck inside.

Lots of love, and be inspired,


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