Life of a High-Schooler

You read about high school in books. At least I did. I remember all the hierarchies – popular, nerd, geek, loser, etc. I remember reading about the bullying that the rich and popular would inflict on the nerds/geeks/losers who were actually extremely pretty and had a horrible backstory. And eventually, those beautiful nerds/geeks/losers would fall in love with a popular, kind, nice-looking guy/girl, and the end

Sadly, at least in my school, it doesn’t happen like that.

It’s a big school, so we don’t know every person by face or name. All we see are kids that are like us, that seem like us walking around. 

And we turn on each other. It’s not popular vs the losers. It’s student vs student; every student for themselves. If you want to survive, you better pick yourself up off the ground and fight for your position because you are not going anywhere. 

No, high school is not a battle ground. During lunch, we sit under trees, on benches, in the cafeteria… it’s a peaceful scene, not like the ones in books where all the drama happens at lunch.

And the hierarchies? They’re still there, but no one says anything about them. It’s simply just a known fact. You know who is popular, you know who not to hang out with, you know who the unluckier ones are, and you know who your friends are. 

You fall in love with who you fall in love with. But most of the time, you either focus on boys or you focus on school; with the amount of homework some teachers push upon you, it’s hard to focus on life.

I don’t get into any parties. At least, I’ve never gotten an invitation to one. I know you are smirking and saying poor me, but whatever. I’ll see the daybreak of a party one day. 

Life’s hard in high school. You have to deal with drama, homework, and the stress of getting into college. And the stress of applying for the applications, the SAT/ACT, and the stress that your parents are going to blame you if you don’t just get into a good college like they expected. And you have to deal with all the extra-curriculars, the sports, the clubs, and all the other things that you have to do to get into college, or to stay with your friends, or to stay popular. 

It’s hard, high school. 

So to whoever is reading this, relax on us. We have enough put onto us; we don’t need parents harping on us as well. We’ll carve our own way through life, and we’ll get through it. And if we don’t, you better be there to pick us up because we didn’t go through that toil and stress of high school for nothing. 

Lots of love and treat your high-schoolers right,


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