Write for the Lost

I remember the day when I sat down, my heart pounding even though I was the only one who knew about what I was going to do, to write my first blog post. I thought what I wrote would be about something that was so unique that it could easily capture the eyes of people around the world.

Look, they’d whisper. She’s just a teenager but her writing is so… Wow.

Don’t laugh. It’s just typical teenage thinking.

But I fell into that trap.

When the views didn’t roll in, the likes stayed empty, the followers remained invisible, I could feel myself slowly becoming disillusioned. Blogging is not something that can blow up within a few minutes, hours, or days. It’s something that takes time and dedication; something that takes grit and determination.

We bloggers have a great power, something that can rival even the magic of Harry Potter (not really, but for the effect of the sentence, then yes). That is words. Each word that we write or, rather, type, has the potential to cause ripples in the internet, to make a dent in someone else’s lives.

We may not be able to change the world with one post. We may never even be able to change the world with all the posts we type in a lifetime. But we can help someone out there; we can affect someone’s lives out there.

So that’s what I keep in mind every time I write a post. I may not be able to change the world with the words I write, but I will be able to affect someone out there.

That’s my advice to all you bloggers out there. Whenever you feel like giving up because you feel like the world isn’t paying attention to you, think of the people out there who are reading your posts, who are liking them not for you but for the words that inspire them, who are being anchored by you, the simple blogger.

So write for yourself. Write for the people out there who might read your writings. Write for the people who are floundering and who you can help.

Lots of love,


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