What is Your “Why”?

The reason why you are writing a post, why you are even writing a blog at all dictates your long-term perseverance and patience regarding the crawling numbers of comments, likes, and followers.

I started this blog because I love writing. I want my words to reach across the globe; I want to write about matters that are important to me, that effect me in some way. And most of all, I want my words to be heard.

Those are my reasons for starting this blog. You can probably tell my categories and ideas are all over the place, but they’re evolving, just like me, the longer I keep writing, and the longer I keep reading other posts.

And my reasons… well, they’re going to sustain me for some time. But when the time comes when I begin to wonder why am I not getting the views, followers, comments, and likes that I feel like I deserve, it might not. That’s where my love for writing is going to anchor me down, past my attempts at having people to hear my words.

So those are my reasons.

I remember having the hardest time figuring them out. But here’s my advice to whoever is reading this: take some time out of your day, maybe just five to ten minutes. Sit somewhere where you can’t be disturbed, take a few deep breaths, and just think. Why are you starting this blog? If it’s for the views, the likes, the comments, don’t start it. Just start an Instagram page and there you go. You’re not going to last in this world of posting because those likes are going to trickle in slowly.

But if it’s because you want to help the world, if you just love writing, if you want to make an impact, then this is your space. Own it. Take it. If that’s your reason, you’re going to have enough to sustain you past the disappointment of little views, past the disappointment that you’re just not getting enough people, past the disappointment that you can’t use your money to own your own website and get more views. Because I’ve had to deal with that. And it’s hard.

But my love for writing has told me that even if nobody sees this post, at least I’ll know one person is proud of it. Me. It’s my hands that are typing these words, and it’s my own words that are forming on this screen. So I’ll continue writing. I’ll continue posting. Because it matters to me.

That’s why it’s so important to find your own reason for blogging. And, again, if it’s just for the likes, you’re not going to get anywhere. But if it’s a reason rooted deep down in your soul that is calling for you to write because you just love it and you just want to help the world, then, by all means, take the chance.

It’s better to try than do nothing at all because you know that you have the power with words to affect someone out there.

So find your reason for blogging. With that reason, it’s just one more tool to get you past the “blogger’s wall of no views” and into the glimmering world of success.

Lots of love,


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