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Blogging in a Pandemic

Blogging had always been on my mind from the end of summer last year. The pure magic of having my writing known to the world was quite alluring; alas, the school year began and I found myself swamped with homework, not to mention regular high school drama.

With all this extra time, I’ve been able to work on some hobbies that I’ve always wanted to develop; one being this blog. Even with homework, the pandemic has allowed me to schedule my time wisely. The morning is reserved for school; the afternoon (not the best time to write, I know) is reserved for blogging and other trinkets of writing.

Even so, blogging during the pandemic is quite confusing. I’m not sure if I’m suppose to blog ABOUT the pandemic or blog DURING the pandemic.

In simpler terms than the confusing terms I’ve written above, I’m not sure if writing about the effects of the pandemic is the best move or writing about things that I would normally write about is the better option.

I’m completely flabbergasted, and the worst thing is, because I’m a new writer, it’s costing me.

As a result, I’ve given up on my spectacular dreams about an abundance of views and comments of the teenage writer of a wonderful blog that she can’t even afford to pay for because it’s just a hobby.

It’s difficult to figure out which to write about; which will matter more to people? So, as a result, I made a post about my confused self because that ought to help me sort things out rather than spending time deep in thought pondering my options.

Even still, from scanning other blogs and looking up online advice, my own advice to newbies like me is to marry the two together. Engage in some serious topics. Engage in some more lighthearted topics about how the coronavirus has brought out the best in people. Engage in topics that people will find helpful during quarantine while being true to yourself.

For instance, I’ve been attempting – attempting, I must say – to write about staying healthy and working on self-care during the quarantine as well as finding the brighter side of staying at home. I have more plans for the future, but for now, that’s what I’ve been doing.

It hasn’t brought in an explosion of views, but I’m okay with that. As long as I’m trying to help the world out in trying times while being true to myself, it’s helping me emotionally, mentally, and I hope it will help others out there who are floundering in the waters out there.

So, chao, my friends.

Stay safe, and be happy.

With much love,



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