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Hobbies Amid the Coronavirus

History is being made.

People around the world are touting this around, as if it is a shiny piece of jewelry that should be admired. We are living through history!

It sure doesn’t feel like making history. I don’t see the celebratory party, streamers flying around the room, drinks being poured out (apple cider for me because I’m underage!), and laughter flitting in and out as people converse among each other and form new friends.

All I see is a house filled with tired, grumpy family members, empty streets, crowded grocery stores and hospitals, constant death in the news, and just the world succumbing to the chaos of coronavirus.

We may be living through history, but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

I’m stuck in the house all day, pecking away at the computer, sweating through AP videos (and workouts), and occasionally entering the backyard at exactly 2 pm everyday when it is not raining to practice soccer. It’s hard to think about how about a month ago I was still in school for most of the days, hanging out with my friends, and wishing the weekend would come so I could stop suffocating under the piles of homework our teachers mercilessly pounded on us.

Now, all days blend together. Saturday is Wednesday; Sunday is Friday. There are no more special days for relaxing.

Relaxing is a routine now; it’s not a privilege you get if you managed to get everything done for the day.

But perhaps something good did come out of this chaos from this pandemic.


All the time in the world to focus on new hobbies, finish or reread books, and watch and watch television shows because you just don’t have Netflix.

I mean, that’s what I’ve been doing

But the hobbies… That’s completely universal! This blog, playing the piano, furiously writing and writing and writing in google docs, and, as always, studying for the AP exams are literally what I’ve been doing to get by.

Now that I’ve finally gotten to my point, let’s continue. Pick something to focus on today, tomorrow, and the rest of the time you spend quarantined. It can be knitting, quilting, writing, reading, learning a new instrument, learning a new language… There are an abundance of things out there that you can do.

With all this extra time, it’s only right to pick up something to show off to your friends after this entire thing is over. I mean, if you don’t have the motivation to do it, just think of bragging about this new thing that you learned how to do over break.

So that being said, this quarantine may last long. Maybe even longer than it is supposed to. But, never forget, you’re going to get through this.

And you may even emerge with a new hobby in your tool belt to use and show off.

Cheers. Stay safe. Thanks for reading,



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