The Benevolence of a Journal

I remember a few days before our school shutdown on Friday, March 13th, my friends and I were sitting around a table during lunch, conversing about whatever happened to be on our minds that day.

Somehow, someway, our conversation turned to journalling, in which one of my friends denounced it as a “loser” hobby.

I bet she didn’t know about the wonderful effects of journaling.

Whether it be a bullet journal or a regular plain old journal with messy handwriting in pencil, journals are a great way to reduce mental stress and let out some anger into the world without yelling.

I know, for one. Recently, I’ve been trying to keep a faux bullet journal, a shadow of the beautiful Pinterest bullet journals you see on online. I write down my mood, a list of good events in the day, and a list of bad events in the day, plus a quote and some additions whenever I feel like it.

Here’s a personal sample that I wrote today <3:

It can be that simple. I sit down for five minutes each day (some days I write one sentence and that’s done), and write an entry, being sure to show my gratitude and highlight the more important events in life.

With the journal, I have found I can become happier. I’m not holding in my secrets and floundering with the idea that I should tell someone about my problems. In this way, I’m telling myself, the only person I fully trust, my secrets.

It’s as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and I find myself smiling after I complete an entry.

And honestly, it doesn’t have to offer a mental and emotional release from society. Instead, it could be a good way to organize thoughts, goals, and ambitions. It can also help your writing (that’s where I got my start!).

For instance, you can create a simple list that says Goals, and write down the goals that you want to complete in that month. Whether it be learning how to juggle or running at least fifteen minutes every week, these goals can help you narrow your focus on your ambitions and firmly set to achieving them.

I tend to be scatterbrained, and I need to keep a daily calendar, and, more importantly, record my homework for that day. That’s where my journal comes in, and I use it as a great tool for organizing my schedule for the day.

Whatever your journal may be – writing on a piece of paper that you keep on a clipboard – or a lovely notebook as mine, there’s no doubt that journaling is an important aspect in keeping us sane in a world full of busybodies, traffic, and noise.

So take a few minutes, each day or each week, and write a simple entry, whether it be a homework list, a goals list, or a good, heart-felt entry about why your life is falling apart right now.

And believe me, it really does help.

Here are a few links to look into if you are still not convinced:

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