The Coronavirus Effect

The clouds loom dark and heavy. Droplets of rain spill onto the ground, spreading in vain for something soluble to hold on. The mountains are covered from top to bottom, its normally majestic peaks hidden from view.

And you gaze out the window longingly, watching the lightning flash and falling over every time the thunder booms. The pitter-patter of the rain on your window sill invites you to dance outside, to the beat of the thunder.

But you can’t. You sigh, checking your phone as yet another news article cries “Murder by the Coronavirus.” It’s deathly quiet in the house, an unusual deviation from the normally loud, chaotic household that seems to be the new norm. For once, you get a bit of peace and quiet, and you close your eyes for a second.

Peace and quiet are rare now, especially in households with everyone home. The never-ending stress of homework, not catching up on what your friends are doing, and the constant fussing of your parents is enough to drive you insane.

That’s the coronavirus effect.


It’s a small monster, covered with green fur and adorably cute eyes that has you wanting to hug it every second. And every second, it’s tugging on your hand, jumping on your shoulders, pulling at your hair…

It’s driving you crazy. Admit it.

The best way to escape from this green monster? Work on a personal project of yours, take a nap… Do something you like, something that you will become engrossed in.

The little monster silently skulks away after you ignore it. It’s going back to hide in your closet, and when night comes, to sleep under your bed.

That’s the key of conquering stress. Taking some time for yourself to do something you like. For me, it’s blogging. For you, it may be drawing, singing at the top of your lungs, doing puzzles…

There’s a myriad of things to do. In fact, here’s a web link on one hundred things to do while being shut inside during quarantine:

This list is something I’ve personally found helpful, and I hope you do as well.

Please enjoy, and stay healthy, my friends.

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